About us

Pink Lemon – Redefining What’s Never Defined Before

One is bound to follow a certain set of rules and that’s not the cup of tea for us here at Pink Lemon. Our unique style brings you out of the box designs with vibrant colors and quirky sayings to give you freedom to explore and then express yourself.

 Who We Are?

The bunch of fashion designers and entrepreneurs sitting together to execute something as impactful as the Big Bang. Here we are with an unconventional approach to setting up an online site for all you bag lovers to find something glitzing and stylish. This is just the start for Pink Lemon, so your support and feedback mean a lot to us - we still much left in the pipeline!

The dress codes and conventional designs for the sake of looking sophisticated are not something we oblige as wearing something inspiring and your own truest color is what works as adrenaline rush for you.

 What We Do?

We’ve just commenced with selling all sorts of bags for your utility, comfort and of course the most important of all, style.  The lively colors and inspiring quotes and one-liners bespoke your personality and there’s no such thing making it fall against the norms. Even if it is, get care-free and go on with your style.

Premium Quality

We take pride as an online selling platform based in Danbury, CT. And what makes us stand apart from the rest is sourcing the highest quality manufacturing standards and the material.

Vegan leather is about longevity and being environmentally conscience.Clear PVC caters to the plastic need for bags manufacturing with keeping functionality in mind.

Bags made up of canvas means endless creativity and exquisite designs for you.